Useful programs and scripts for your Home Server

Useful programs and scripts for your Home Server

Running multiple home servers in many form-factors for several years I came across dozens of useful programs that may help you to set it up or maintain it. Here I will list some of them - and for each a quick guide on the installation and maybe some useful commands - as a reference for myself and others. I will also update it from time to time if I find some new. As I am using mostly my Raspberry Pi's I will use the user pi, the user and group id 1000 in all commands.

Also before using any scripts in general I want to remind you that you should always examine downloaded scripts before running them.

  • chocolately

    • Programs I got on my workstation
    choco install googlechrome firefox 7zip python3 vlc git everything avidemux etcher android-sdk vscode crystaldiskinfo discord origin bulk-crap-uninstaller steam-client keepass origin epicgameslauncher icue autohotkey autodesk-fusion360 krita goggalaxy gpg4win kopiaui obs-studio openconnect-gui openvpn pdf24 postman powertoys resilio-sync-home ubisoft-connect cura-new unity-hub visualstudio2022community webex wireshark wiztree aescrypt microsoft-office-deployment anki nodejs adobereader filezilla microsoft-windows-terminal curl inkscape winscp chocolateygui virtualbox anydesk audacity docker-desktop signal telegram flutter speedtest rufus.portable selenium cpu-z wsl2 lastpass wiztree altdrag gpu-z f.lux nordvpn grepwin nvs powertoys DNSDataView WhoisThisDomain curl alldup dns-benchmark hostsman nmap discord
  • docker

    • Installation using convenience script
      curl -fsSL -o
      sudo sh
      sudo usermod -aG docker pi # relog after this
    • Useful commands
      docker run hello-world
      docker ps
      docker logs <container id>
  • docker-compose

    • Installation
      sudo apt install docker-compose
    • Useful commands
      docker-compose up -d (without -d for logs)
      docker-compose down
    • Example docker-compose.yml
      version: '2.0'
          build: .
          - "5000:5000"
          - .:/code
          - logvolume01:/var/log
          - redis
          image: redis
        logvolume01: {}
  • NodeJS 13.x

    • Installation
      curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
      sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
    • Useful commands
      node <file>
      npm run
      npm init
  • nodemon

    • Description
      nodemon restarts your application after a change in the current folder
    • Installation
      npm i -g nodemon
    • Usage
      nodemon <file>
  • pm2

    • Description
      pm2 is a process manager with load balancer
    • Installation
      npm install pm2 -g
    • Useful commands
      pm2 status
      pm2 logs <id>
      pm2 start <file>
      pm2 start <file> -- <extra parameters>
  • ssh tunnel

    • Description
      while ssh is already installed on most systems its tunnel feature can be used as a cheap way to forward traffic from a local host behind a firewall over a vps to the public
    • Usage
      ssh -tt -R<server port>:localhost:<local port> [email protected] -i /home/pi/.ssh/id_rsa -N
    • Server settings
      Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and set GatewayPorts yes

Have you come across a useful command or program that I did not list here? Then please leave a comment so that I can add it to the list.

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